Welcome to the Redwood Coast Children's Chorus!!!

inThe Redwood Coast Children's Chorus is a sequential musical training program for children of all ages.  Students of the Redwood Coast Children's Chorus meet new friends, develop a high caliber of musicianship with a non-competitive focus, and have the opportunity to perform locally and abroad both as a distinguished unit and along side other performing groups.  Continue on to read more                                                   in about us.

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The RCCC is beginning a new project: The World Concert Childrn's Fund (For  Children Survivors of Natural Catastrophies) More details will be posted as our plans take shape.  To help expediate this process, we are starting a  fundraising drive now by selling a Chorus CD: "Any Day Songs, Songs & Singing Games for Young Children" performed by RCCC.  This CD will make a wonderful gift for yourself or for anyone you know! Please click the "CD Sales" link on the left for more information and to order your copies.