Rehearsal Schedule

 Rehearsal Schedule


Level                                 Ages                Time               Day              


Training Chorus                8-10                  TBA                TBA


Concert Chorus                 10-18                 TBA                TBA

(World Concert Children's Chorus)


Please note: The Concert Chorus is the same as the WCCF

    (World Concert Children's Fund - for children survivors of natural               catastrophes)

* (Auditions only)


(Please refer to 'Special Programs' link:  WCCF - World Concert Children's Fund - for children survivors of natural catastrophes) 



Women's  Chorus                                    7:00-8:30            Wednesday         



The RCCC Schedule adheres to the school year calendar. It is divided into two semesters: September - December; January - May


Rehearsal breaks will be taken during the weeks of Thanksgiving,  Winter/Christmas, President’s Week and Easter/Spring break unless concerts

have been previous scheduled 

  • Please note that tuition remains the same for each month

                    (This includes those months with scheduled breaks)


* Auditions for new Concert Chorus members

                Please call to set up a 10 minute audition:(707) 499-3920


Chorus members who audition must show:


          A sense of enthusiasm and commitment

          A love for singing

          The ability to sing in two parts

          The ability to sing in tune

          A sense of maturity and  the ability to follow directions


For the audition, please prepare the following:


    1.     One short selection to sing (not a popular piece from the radio),

    2.     A short round to be sung with the director







Tuition for the Redwood Coast Children’s Chorus is $50 per month for the Concert Chorus (WCCF) and the Training Chorus


Important: Between 1/3 and 1/2 of Concert Chorus WCCF monthly tuition will go directly to the WCCF (World Concdert Children's Fund). This fund will be put in a special account with The Ink People. 

Please refer to WCCF on the navigational section of the RCCC website


Tuition for the Women's Chorus is $40 per month


Payment is due the first of each month


 Checks are to be made out to  Kathe Lyth and mailed to:

          Kathé Lyth (RCCC)

          7721 Kneeland Road

          Kneeland, CA 95549


Please see the parent/student handbook for additional information regarding tuition and payments.