World Harmony Tours

The Redwood Coast Children's Chorus is founded upon the belief that music is a universal language - one which can bridge social and cultural barriers.  It is based upon the idea that music must be shared, and in collaborating musically, children may put aside personal differences in favor of a common goal...a love for music.  This concept, while fundamental on a local level, becomes much more powerful on a global scale.  It has developed into a unique opportunity for our most advanced singers - to travel nationally and internationally on what the RCCC calls "World Harmony Tours".



Since 1989 the RCCC has traveled to 16 countries on World Harmony Tours as ambassadors from Humboldt County.  On these concert tours students have the opportunity of living, rehearsing, and performing with students from another part of the world.  Friendships are made, music is shared, and bridges are thus made between our community and communities thoughout the world. 




Countries visited:

  • Russia, Romania: 1989
  • Venezuela: 1991
  • Denmark, Sweden, Finland: 1993
  • Ireland: 1995
  • Scotland, Wales, England: 1997
  • Costa Rica: 2000
  • Portugal, (Spain): 2002
  • Czech Republic, Slovakia, (Austria): 2004
  • Spain: 2006