WCCF (World Concert Children's Fund)


THE CONCEPT  (By Kathé Lyth)

 The World Children's Concert Fund  for Children Survivors of Natural Catastrophes has as its primary goal, children helping children through music. The focus of WCCF is to raise money through concerts presented by the newly formed Concert Children's Chorus. Proceeds from these concerts will be put in a special fund, ready to distribute to children in need following a natural catastrophe. 

The  WCCF originated as a result of several devastating natural catastrophes on our planet: tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, floods, fires and earthquakes. With hundreds and thousands of people often stranded, injured, homeless and in shock, global assistance is a necessity. Children may find themselves stranded with nowhere to go, alone and desperate. There are, of course, many service organizations helping to organize and assist those who find themselves in these horrific circumstances. The WCCF is yet a further means of of expanding global assistance. When one of these natural events takes place, there are no separate nationalities nor ethnic groups, nor religions nor races. There are neither the rich nor the poor. Human survival with immediate assistance is essential. it  is important to begin this process immediately. Global warming as well as many other conditions on our planet have increased the necessity for everyone to be prepared in case of a natural castrophe, and all of us should be ready to assist others. 

Children helping children in need is n educational and artistic process, an expression of the trust we must have for the survival of the next generation and for many generations to come.


The initial establishment of the WCCF has begun by creating a local children's chorus entitled 'The Children's Concert Chorus'.We will form a core of individuals who will meet on a regular basis, setting forth the planning process which will include a working budget, a detailed website, a financial advisor, and persons with expertise in publicity, marketing and communication. Membership to the WCCF will eventually include other local music organizations and schools throughout Humboldt County, California, nationally and internationally.                                                                                                                                                                                       MEMBERSHIP, AFFILIATION AND FUNDS

Direct communication will be made available to schools, youth orchestras and youth choruses emphasizing the importance and necessity of becoming members of the WCCF. Each scholl or organization pledges money earned from concerts performed once or twice a year with the purpose of raising mony for the WCCF. There is no right or wrong way concerning the method of presentation: formal or informal, trained or untrained - the focus is the same - children making music and raiing funds for other children in need. Guidelines will be set forth and communicated to all WCCF members. Updates and progress will be provided on a soon to be established WCCF website. (Currently, this information is available on this website: redwoodcoastchildrenschorus.net)


Members will receive information as to how much money the Foundation has obtained, the means by which it is safeguarded, how the monies will be distributed by local, national or international charity organizations.   Further, each school or children’s music organization will be listed as to the date when each fund-raising concert occurs. It is extremely important for representative schools, choruses or orchestras to contribute only what they are able to: $5, $50, $500 or $5000. These initial fund-raising presentations and concerts will provide  a "nest egg"  put into a special account by The Ink People. (INK). The WCCF will decide how the money will be used and how it will be distributed. This process will be made public to all contributors. For example, a certain amount of these funds may be used for immediate medical assistance or for clothes, food, water and shelter.

If thousands of WCCF members follow through with their pledges, then many, many children's lives may be saved.


It is extremely important for all those involved  to commit to our world children. Personal gain should and must be absent from this project. Natural catastrophes are beyond the scope of politics, war, self-interest groups, and human destruction. Nature has control over all of us at any time. As a world, we must be prepared to help. Children want to become involved and to give. It is through children and through their music and creativity that one of the most important aspects of life may be accomplished: children saving other children. Through love and compassion, commitment and the belief in the future survival of our children, we can and must act now in forming The World Children's Concert Fund for Children Survivors of Natural Catastrophes.

(The Redwood Coast Children's Chorus is a DreamMaker with INK - The Ink People Center of the Arts, a non-profit organiztion.

If you wish to help in the continued forming of the WCCF please  contact Kathé Lyth: (707) 499-3920



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